how to pick a watermelon

             ''how to pick a watermelon''

 Introduction:- Watermelon is a fresh fruit that is available only in summer. This fruit is delicious and full of properties but how do we choose the right watermelon so that it is juicy, sweet and ripe? Now to answer these questions we will take the help of this blog post and know how we can choose the best watermelon

1. Look for uniform shape: First of all choose watermelons of uniform size and do not choose watermelons with lumps and bulges because such watermelons are often not ripe. Round and smooth watermelons are also equally sweet and juicy.

2. Look at the color: A good ripe, juicy watermelon reflects its color, so when you choose a watermelon, look carefully at its color because if the color of the peel is dark green on the outer surface and there is also a yellow spot on it. This shows that your watermelon is edible and ripe.

3. Tap:- To check the ripe watermelon, you can tap it because tapping makes a hollow sound. If the sound fades after tapping, it means the watermelon is ripe and if the sound does not fade, it means it is not ripe. So, you can tap it to check if it is a good watermelon or not.

4. Feel the weight: To check the ripe watermelon, you can feel its weight. This is because the watermelon is heavy for its size and the heavy watermelon has more water content which makes it juicy, tasty and delicious. If the watermelon is light then it may be underripe

5. Always do this: In the last step you can smell the watermelon because the ripe watermelon has a sweet and refreshing scent.

Conclusion: If you go to a store to buy watermelon, these instructions will help you choose a good, sweet, tasty and juicy watermelon

which will make you feel refreshed and happy.

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